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Pump Track in Nicaragua


We are very proud to host Central Americas second Pump Track by Velosolutions. Along with our German Bakery/Cafe and Youth community center,  you can skate/bike while getting amazing food in a inspiring atmosphere. Come check us out!!! Please read pump track rules click here.

Opening Hours

For Todo con Amor Guests

Monday - Tuesday 8am to 2pm

Thursday - Saturday 8am to 2pm

(Wednesday and Sunday is closed)

Public Opening Hours

Monday - Tuesday 2am to 7pm

Thursday - Friday 2am to 7pm

Saturday 2pm to 8:30pm

(Wednesday and Sunday is closed)


Our mission is to give our local community an inspiring way to get off the phone into sport in a healthy atmosphere while connecting with others from the community and around the world.


Our vision is to create a positive atmosphere where our community can grow together through sport while challenging them to think higher about themselves and their futures. Please consider helping us, ask us how...

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