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What we do, we do with Love, using only  the best ingredients. We use only honey and brown natural sugar. We do not cook with aluminium or monosodium glutamate because your health is very important to us. We try to make everything ourself, even the vinegar. We work in the garden to provide even the vegetables and fruits, all from our little farm.

Cooking is our passion. We live for this. Healthy food is the key for a long and healthy life. Tasty food makes the soul happy.

Restaurant Todo con Amor

Who would have thought a PLAZA in Las Salinas. Well its true and we are happy to bring to you Todo Con Amor Bakery and Restaurant.

We are open from Thursday to Saturday 8 am to 2:00pm. If you are looking for a peaceful atmosphere and one of the best

Restaurants in the country, This is THE place for you! 

We serve Breakfast and Lunch and EPIC Desserts. We bake fresh unique Bread daily and if you need a Catering for your special event, we will cook and bake you happy!

Eileen & JJ